Bear Glacier, 30 Minute Scenic Flight, Icebergs, Waterfalls, Seals


Overnight Adventures

at Bear Glacier

Fly by helicopter to our remote “glamorous” camping site at Bear Glacier. Prepare to enjoy an incredibly peaceful and serene evening watching icebergs, exploring the nearby beach, and enjoying Alaska at it’s best!

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Adventure By Day, Comfort By Night

Enjoy staying at Bear Glacier in our comfortable 16′ yurts. This glamorous camping experience is sure to delight travelers of ages 16+ and all ability levels. Yurts are outfitted with vented propane heaters and a single queen-sized bed.

Bear Glacier is truly a remarkable place and anyone who stays here will leave with a greater appreciation for the natural splendor of our beautiful state! Relax in our tranquil Alaskan environment and enjoy glacier and iceberg viewing.

Guests are asked to pack lightly and bring only what they need for the night due to limited space in the helicopter. There is an outhouse available but no showers.

Each yurt rents for $1600 a night and has a queen bed. Our overnight stay includes 30 minutes of scenic helicopter flight time to and from our remote location.

All stays include appetizers, dinner, breakfast and helicopter transportation.

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Departure Time
Departure to Bear Glacier varies Between 4 pm and 6 pm
Pick Up Time
Pick up is generally between 11:30 and 1:30 pm.
All meals are included. We offer a charcuterie board, Kahlua pork tacos, s'mores, and a continental breakfast. We ask that any additional food be approved by staff.
Please note that we cannot provide alcohol but we invite you to pack your own. We ask that you pack either plastic or cans out to avoid any potential breakage.
Gear We Provide
We provide rain jackets if needed but advise packing your own for your trip to Alaska. If you have your own raincoat, we ask that you bring it.
What to Pack
Please bring only what you need for the night as space is limited in the helicopter. We recommend dressing in layers. Each guests is provided a single 17-gallon tote to pack their things in.
Booking Tips
We recommend booking for 1 night at Bear Glacier.
Weather Policy
We rarely have to cancel our trips to Bear Glacier. If we need to cancel, we will work to find you suitable accommodations for the night.
Cancellation Policy
We ask that all cancellations be made at least 48 hours in advance.
$1600 per yurt. Each Yurt has a queen-sized Bed.
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Amazing 20-Minute Scenic Helicopter Flight to Bear Glacier

Glamorous Camping in our 16′ Yurts with Queen Sized Beds

Watch Icebergs and Listen to Them Roll

Guided Beach & Glacier Viewing Walk

Breakfast, Dinner, and Appetizers Included

Amazing Views and Photo Opportunities

Incredible Back Country Experience with Amenities

Staff On-Site

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Flight Route

Depart the Seward Airport and fly out Resurrection Bay to Tonsina Beach. From there, follow beautiful Spruce creek back into a mountainous valley. Keep a sharp eye out for an old mining camp. You'll be impressed when Cathedral Falls comes into view. This incredible cascading waterfall is a sight to behold. Your helicopter will then ascend through an alpine meadow. Views of Calisto glacier are possible later on in the summer when the snow has melted. Soar over beautiful mountain peaks as Bear Glacier comes into view. This expansive glacier is over 7 miles long and 2 miles wide. Fly low and slow up the face of the glacier and zoom through icebergs. On the flight back, fly over Fort McGilvray, an old World War 2 installation or through Paradise valley if the weather allows.